We bring to our customer years of experience in installing  business phone systems.  Let us show you how we can drastically reduce your communication expenditures while providing you superior product and service.

Hosted Cloud Phone Systems

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BroadVoice Cloud Business Phones with No limitations

  • Work Anywhere – Call Anywhere – Answer Anywhere
  •  Even in an Electrical Power Outage or Internet Outage – Your Business never looses contact with your Customers!
  • Work – From – Home Workers, Mobile Workers or Branch Office  Workers are all part of your same cohesive business phone network.
  • Eliminate your current Phone Line provider costs.
  • No Long Distance Phone charges.
  • Often cost less per month than your current monthly phone bill!
  • – Voicemail
  • – Music on hold
  • – Mobility /Remote/Home Office Support
  • – Auto Attendant
  • – Conferencing
  • – Call Recording
  • – Messaging
  • – Intergrates with SalesForce and Microsoft Teams
  • – And more!



• It saves you money – It’s much less expensive than traditional phone lines
• Easy to setup – No need for expensive wires, cables and hardware in a closet
• Saves your company time – Traditional phones systems are high maintenance.
• Advanced features – All of the hi-tech features are in the cloud and are constantly being updated and made available for you.
• Remote features – Work anywhere. Your Phones are not limited to a physical building.


YES – Still Conduct Business as usual from Free Smart Phone APP over Cellular. You can also the Free computer “Soft Phone” or just bring your office desk phone home with you. With traditional phones, there are no automatic backup plans if the power or phone lines are down!

Can I keep my existing phone number if I switch to Broadvoice Cloud PBX?

Of Course! We can port over your number from your existing service provider.


Yes! This is where Broadvoice Cloud PBX comes in handy. You can have multiple locations across the globe. Or even people working from home. Broadvoice Cloud PBX brings all of the great phone features to them, wherever they are.

…professional presentation at a price we could afford!

High Tech Office Systems and their staff are professional, helpful and affordable! Our office had an outdated, archaic system that seldom worked correctly. We received multiple quotes and most other companies gave us the run-around because of the state of our system. Not High Tech! They came to our office with a professional presentation at a price we could afford! They made sure we had the latest equipment installed and offered training and support along the way. I would highly recommend High Tech to any office in Lawton and the surrounding areas!

Kiara West
Office & Finance Manager

The support and service from High Tech is top notch.

The Airport bought a new NEC phone system from High Tech Office Systems several years ago. The support and service from High Tech is top notch. Trent and Adam are not just about the sale but about the service afterwards in order to maintain a good working relationship with their clients. I would recommend to anybody who needs a professional phone system, copier or printer products to use High Tech Office Systems!

Archie R. Campbell, Jr.
Security Compliance Officer

I highly recommend them for any office need

We talked with David about a new phone system for our business. David suggested a particular system and we agreed. Trent came out and did a professional installation of our new system, set up each station and did a very good training for our entire staff. The new system has great features which our old system did not have, we now have voicemail and caller Id that we didn’t have before. We are very happy with the system and with the professional service and support we get from High Tech. I highly recommend them for any office need.

Brian Gosnell

These guys are the best and I won’t be giving my phone system or copier business to anybody else, they’ve earned it!

Dealing with Vendors is a big part of my job and I’ve dealt with hundreds thru the years. I’m always looking for the ones that will give me a fair price, are honest, and will go the extra mile with the support of their products. High Tech has excelled in these areas like few vendors have. We’re a oil field service company and we work around the clock. They know our crazy schedules and have provided us support after hours, on the weekends numerous occasions , always with a friendly attitude. Even if I’m getting a printer in a area that they don’t service, they are still willing to find me a vendor in that area that can provide us local service and double check all the contracts to make sure I’m getting a good deal. These guys are the best and I won’t be giving my phone system or copier business to anybody else, they’ve earned it!

Davin Fryer
IT Director

On-Premise PBX/KSU Phone Systems - We still support On-Premise Systems and will still sell and install them but it is difficult to jusitfy an On-Primise sytem over a Hosted Cloud Systems

Why should your business switch to our Hosted Business Phone System?

Reason #1 - Very Little up-front cost

There is very little initial cost to upgrade to a new state-of-the-art Hosted phone system.

Although your business may have paid thousand dollars for your current phone system, you still have to pay every month for each phone line into the building and often long-distance toll Costs.  With our Hosted Phone system, you keep current phone numbers, but your current land phone bill and long-distance charges are eliminated! 

Reason #2-  Free maintenance and warranty on your equipment.

With our Hosted Business Phone System, we maintain everything and if something fails, we fix it at no charge to you!  We don’t ever charge for service calls or programing. 24hrs – 7 days a week support!

Reason # 3 - Free mobile app

Use your business phone anywhere!  You will have both a new desk phones and free “virtual phone” (if you choose) of your desk phones on a Mobile APP on your cell phone.  Of course, you can turn the mobile app to “Do-Not-Disturb” or program it to not ring you after hours or on vacation. 

Not only can your office instantly communicate and transfer calls to you where ever you are, when you call out using the Mobile APP, the caller ID is from your business, NOT your personal Cell Phone Number!

Always be safe and professional and do not revel your personal cell phone.

Reason # 4 - Built-in Redundancy, even if internet or elecricity is down

With Built-in Cellular redundancy,  even in an electrical black-out or internet outage you are still connected to the world and will never miss a call.  With a traditional phone system, if the power is out or there is a break in a phone line, or failure of your equipment, your communication to the outside world has been severed.

Reason # 5 -  Free Text Messaging from the business – not employee’s personal cell phone

Each employee can have their own personal phone number.  When they text from either their Computer or the Mobile App, all text are from that phone number.  A recent study showed that 80% of younger people prefer to communicate by text.  Now you can professionally reach 100% of your customers the way they want to be reached. 

Reason # 6 -  Does More and Often Cost Less

Although there is a monthly cost for our Hosted Cloud System, when you look the total cost compared to a traditional phone system, the total monthly cost may not be more or even less than what business are for just phone line service and long distance.  When you also factor the thousands of dollars a traditional phone systems cost and the cost to maintain it. Our Hosted Systems Saves money!

Reason # 7 -  No limit  to the number of phone lines

With traditional phone systems, the current phone system may not be able to be expanded for additional pone line paths. Or because phone line providers charge so much for each line, businesses will often compromise by sharing a limited number of phone line paths.  For example, a business may only have 3 roll-over numbers even though they have 12 people using the phones.  If 2 people are talking on the phone, there is only 1 phone number available for customers to call in on.  If 3 people are on the phone, customers will get a busy signal.  Of course, there is no way of knowing how many times people are getting a busy signal.  A prospective customers may go on and call a competitor if they get a busy signal.

With our Hosted System, we don’t charge for phone lines and will give you as many as you like.

Reason # 8 - Total Expandability

With our Hosted Phone System, you can start with 1 or 2 extension or easily expand to multiple locations with hundreds or even thousands of extensions.  The hardware of traditional phone systems are limited by both the number of phone line paths as well as the number of desk-phones extensions they can support.  Often Businesses outgrow their system or have to pay to upgrade hardware to meet changing needs.

 Reason #9 - Free Web Conferencing

Our Hosted Phone Systems includes free Texting as well as free Web Video Conferencing.  There are no time limits for how long a meeting can last.

 Reason # 10 - Remote Workers

 Remote workers can use the free mobile app to their desk phone or even take their desk phone home and connect it to their home internet.  During COVID, this was particularly instrumental to allow quarantined workers to still be connected to the office.

 Reason # 11 - Multiple Locations

Inherit to our system, multiple branch locations are connected.  We can even bill separately by location.

 Reason # 12 - Security

An on-premises phone system (whether an analog or a VOIP systems) basically consist of a specialized server, located inside your building, that routes calls internally or with the outside world.

That can leave your business vulnerable to the outside world.  Even analog systems can be hacked for toll call fraud both domestically and internationally.  On-premises phone systems that use SIP lines or VOIP are even more vulnerable to hacking via the internet.  It is expensive to protect and maintain back-ups of On-premises computer servers.  This is why an Off-Premises or Hosted Cloud System is the best way to go.  You don’t maintain and update the communication server, The Cloud service provider does.


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