Certified A+ Technicians

At High Tech, we have a fully trained IT staff to support our products.  Often it is more productive and more helpful to end users if one of our staff gets on-line remotely to their PC.  Depending upon the service issue, there may or may not be a charge for this support.  On-Line support is provided by appointment only and you must first call to arrange on-line support.  If there will be any charges to be incurred by the customer, it can be discussed before any such charges are inccured.
After having one of our Support Team on the phone with you, Click the “On-Line Remote Support” Button

Please call first and speak with a Technician before clicking

Report Meter Reading or Order Supplies (for existing customers)

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Want to Automate Meter Readings and Ordering Toner?


Let your MFP or Printer Automatically report Meter Readings, Service Codes or even when we need to deliver Toner!

Our Automated system will:

  • Automatically deliver toner before you run out!
  • Automatically report to our service department Scheduled Preventative Maintenance.
  • Automatically report to our service department machine error codes.
  • Automatically and 100% accurately report all meter readings.



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